List of The XII Travelers

The XII Travelers Memorial The list of Twelve Travelers To be Depicted in Bronze as Period Icon Headings These Travelers, selected by the sculptor in consultation with recognized Southwest historians, are individuals of their time, serving as icons for historical periods at the Pass of the North. This list is composed of real people, who appeared at The Pass of the North and accurately reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of our past. They include 4 Native Americans, 4 Spaniards, 3 Mexicans, 2 Blacks and 2 Anglos, including 3 women. These men and women personify the history that spanned 375 years at El Paso del Norte. 1. The First European Exploration of the Southwest, 1528 – 1535, Cabeza de Vaca and Estebanico the Black. 2. The Spanish Settlement of the Southwest, 1598 – 1680 The Colonizer, Don Juan de Oñate. (installed 2007) 3. The Building of the Missions 1659 - 1700 Fray García de San Francisco. (installed 1997), 4. (The Pueblo Rebellion and the Arrival of the Tigua at the Pass of the North, 1680, Governor Juan Moro and War Captain Bartolo Pique. 5. Late 18th C. Western Exploration and Presidios along the Frontier, Juan Bautista de Anza, 1738 – 1788. 6. Growing Commerce and the Santa Fe/Chihuahua Trail, 1821 1880, Susan Shelby Magoffin, 1846 – 1847. 7. Zapotec President of Mexico and Political Reform, 1800’s, Benito Juárez on the Border during the French Intervention, 1864 – 1865. 8. The Apache Wars and the Struggle for Survival, 1870’s -80’s, Lozen, Apache Medicine Woman and Warrior. 9. The First Black West Point Graduate, Buffalo Soldier and Racism Following the Civil War, Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper, 1856 – 1940. 10. A Charismatic Precursor of the Mexican Revolution and Unrest South of the Border, Teresa Urrea, 1873 – 1906. 11. The Lawless West of the Late 1800’s, John Wesley Hardin, 1853 – 1895. 12. The Mexican Revolution of 1910, Pancho Villa, 1878 – 1923 and La Adelita (revolutionary heroine of the corrida) For additional information visit